About Gwaan Hai

Coworkers enjoy time together outside of the office! :) 

Gwaan Hai's focus is to work with professional and social groups to co-design relational leadership practices that allow people to think, discuss, and learn together in order to achieve their goals. 

Are you looking for ways for your team to build trust, reach agreements, resolve conflicts, and experience clear communication, to name a few? Gwaan Hai's holistic approach could make this a reality for you and your team! AND if needed, technical support could also be provided to support the accomplishment of your goals. 

Gwaan Hai (connection; relation, in Cantonese) was named so because relationships matter and good strong connected ones could be tied directly to increased return on investments, decrease conflicts, and positive morale for all. 

Do you want a high performing team? Strengthen your business model? Seek to engage your constituents? Contact us to determine how our consulting services can help you achieve success!

Collaborative Consulting!

Gwaan Hai's holistic and relational framework focuses on co-creating a place for everyone to be engaged and equipped with the right tools for success! Let Gwaan Hai work with you to establish connected relationships to enhance your goals and objectives.


How to reach us
(425) 440-9884
Bellevue, WA