Business Development 

Are you looking to enhance and/or expand your organization? Need strategic direction, maybe develop a plan?  Why me: understand intercultural relations, team dynamics, creative problem solving, love building businesses, able to facilitate strategic planning that is a fun and pleasant experience for all! :) Experienced in turning organizations around by assessing business model, creating a plan, executing and evaluating to get the best results. 

Possible needs:

  • Create opportunities to build more cohesive teams
  • Assess and determine opportunities/status of team business model, strategic planning 
  • Facilitate individual or group's intercultural needs
  • Develop and expand leadership and professional development with team
  • Human resources, mediate conflict, volunteer management, culture setting, team building, soft skills, communication 


  • Facilitated team's culture and/or to achieve objectives/values
  • Turned around retail store to financially stable and profitable
  • Provided one-on-one coaching time with staff
  • Planed team building activities and events
  • Led strategic planning and execution 
  • Designed and implemented communication and re-engagement strategies
  • Assessed business to identify needs and consult to resolve them or contract to carry out resolutions 

Collaborative Consultants!

Gwaan Hai's holistic and relational framework focuses on co-creating ways to enhance your goals and objectives. Ensuring all stakeholders are engaged in the process for the best outcomes. Contact us for more information. 

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