Community Engagement

Are you looking to engage a group of people or assess who to engage? Why me: over 20 years experience in civic engagement, ability to facilitate diverse groups (e.g. political, faith, ethnic, cultural, age), resolve conflicts (bring healing), and co-design plans to engage community. 

Possible needs:

  • Collaborate on co-creating communication and/or outreach strategies to identify and engage communities
  • Build and/or expand volunteer engagement and management in your organization 
  • Connect and build trust with diverse communities (e.g. political, ethnic, faith, age groups)
  • Develop opportunities to engage community members (e.g. volunteer engagement, events, fundraisers) 
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Co-create culture, engagement, and equity and inclusion 


  • Created communication strategies that brought positive outcomes, clarified organization's purpose, re-engaged stakeholders, and recruited new people to be involved.
  • Consulted with organizations to assess current volunteer management processes, helping them obtain their goals
  • Created and delivered classes and/or programs to connect with neighbors/volunteers
  • Organized events that engaged with diverse groups

Collaborative Consultants!

Gwaan Hai's holistic and relational framework focuses on co-creating ways to enhance your goals and objectives. Ensuring all stakeholders are engaged in the process for the best outcomes. Contact us for more information. 

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