In a locally global society, we need understand intercultural leadership, identify the nuances, and play to the strengths to reach our goals. Why me: ability to facilitate system and cultural change in organizations, understand intercultural leadership and its benefits and challenges, belief that everyone is a leader - maximizing their potential, experienced in turning organizations around through leadership development, and assessing roles in creating the business model, plan, delivery, and evaluation to obtain the best results.

Possible needs:

  • Co-create leadership curriculum for young people to adults 
  • Provide individual, team, and/or stakeholders coaching
  • Develop and expand professional development such as leadership with stakeholders 
  • Values-based leadership 
  • Build trust and effective communication between intercultural team(s)


  • Led teams with diverse values and beliefs to reach agreements 
  • Provided individual and team coaching
  • Changed culture that increased productivity and morale 
  • Mediated and helped resolved conflicts
  • Communicated vision, mission of organization - created onboarding process to new and current teammates  

Collaborative Consultants!

Gwaan Hai's holistic and relational framework focuses on co-creating ways to enhance your goals and objectives. Ensuring all stakeholders are engaged in the process for the best outcomes. Contact us for more information. 

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