Statements by those who have worked with Alice. :)  
"I've worked with Alice on a variety of volunteer projects, and I've seen her extensive background in communication and organization at work to place resources and tools in volunteers' hands to effectively mobilize and carry out their mission." 

-Ruth West
Volunteer Teammate

"Alice takes her responsibilities very seriously and has achieved excellence in terms of outcomes within the Jubilee REACH organization. Her persistence in developing infrastructure in an entrepreneurial culture has helped to really improve outcomes despite ever changing priorities. In addition she has shown an ability to work with all types of people in a very dynamic environment." 

-Dave Cole
Retired CEO of Coinstar Inc. and Board Chair of Jubilee REACH


"Alice and I were in the VAN NW (Volunteer Administrators Network) Steering Committee together for several years. It was my pleasure and honor to work with Alice. She is a deeply compassionate person, which is why she is so effective at Equity and Inclusion training. She has a gift for seeing all sides of an issue and for empathy. She is also a very effective recruiter of volunteers. She is skilled at finding the right person for the right job, supporting them appropriately, and providing the right kind of recognition. Her skills come from her ability to really listen to people and understand what they mean. 

Alice is such a pleasure to work with because she has great follow through and organizational skills. She is utterly trustworthy. She is also just really fun! She is a quiet leader in the field of volunteer management. She may not toot her own horn but she is very effective at whatever she puts her hand to. It's a joy to work with her. I highly recommend her."

-Lisa Yeager
Former VAN Steering Committee Chair & Director, Sno-Valley Senior Center


"Alice brings her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for community as an invited volunteer on our Hopelink SPRINT -  the Strategic Planning Review and Innovation Team. Her broad background in volunteer and organizational management, combined with her strong values of diversity, teamwork, and authentic relationships are appreciated by the team. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with and brings a joyful spirit wherever she goes!"

-Lauren Thomas
CEO, Hopelink


"Alice has been a long-time supporter and promotor of opportunities that engage community members.  She truly believes that residents who are connected are happier, have something to share, and actively work to build community. Her extensive volunteer management background, positive attitude, and awareness of cultural factors made her an easy choice to partner with to develop the Volunteer Bridge Pilot class, focused on engaging new immigrants into the volunteer world.  The class was successful with consistent positive reviews and much of that was due to Alice’s hard work.  She is diligent, easy to work with, and has lots of creative ideas.  Ms. Fong is one of those rare people whose values, beliefs, and actions always seem to be in alignment and it shows in her work and personal life."

-Mark Manuel
Diversity Outreach and Engagement Administrator, City of Bellevue


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